Amena Chaudhry (SHRM-SCP | USF Workplace DEI Certification)

An innovative and nimble social justice practitioner, my DEIAB portfolio is grounded in my personal lived experiences and is a mosaic of Learning & Development, Restorative Justice, and DEIB work in the non-profit, corporate, government, and higher education sectors.

I believe that equity and inclusion work, at its core, involves two main components: identifying and navigating the structures and power dynamics that exist both within and around the organization and nurturing deep and authentic relationships that foster a supportive workplace culture and enhances an organization’s ability to recruit, develop, and retain an engaged and high-performing workforce with diverse talent.

I lean on principles of Nonviolent Communication, Circle Process, Restorative Practices, and other participatory leadership theories to equip people and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to develop deeper, authentic, and more equitable relationships.

DEIAB work is hard—progress often feels and is slow.
Which is why it’s crucial that every step you take is in the right direction!

My Approach: I operate from a no-nonsense, direct, and deeply curious place. Whether I am coaching a client or working on a project, I ask lot of questions. Questions allow me to be rooted in deep curiosity and to help excavate root causes, identify needs, and remain closely aligned with purpose. I am a systems-thinker: you can rely on me to name aspects of patriarchal and white supremacist culture in your organization so that we can strategize ways to operationalize social equity and justice. I do this because I believe your time is valuable and that it is a sign of deep respect and trust in your desire and ability to do this work.

Ahmed Afzaal

Ahmed is an associate professor in the Religion department at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, where he teaches courses on Abrahamic traditions, religion’s relationship with political economy, and violence & nonviolence. He holds a PhD in “Religion & Society” from Drew University in Madison, NJ, with a focus on the sociology of religion. Ahmed has a wide range of interests, and is is passionate about life-long learning, values-based action, and meaningful collaboration for the greater good. He is a certified Prosocial facilitator.

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