Our Team

Amena Chaudhry

Amena is a consultant, facilitator, and coach who used principles of Nonviolent Communication, Circle Process, and other participatory leadership theories to equip people and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to develop deeper and authentic relationships. A nimble and innovate social justice practitioner, Amena’s Equity & Inclusion portfolio is a mosaic of her Learning & Development experience in both the corporate and higher education sectors, Restorative Justice experience in non-profit and government sectors, alongside her consulting practice and focus on C-Suite Executive 1:1 coaching.

Amena is passionate about challenging the assumptions we are socialized into about human nature and believes that all humans have a desire to be in good relationship with each other. She leans on this principle in her equity and inclusion work to help individuals and groups to shift from opinion-based conversations to building relationships built on deep listening and authentic, thoughtful sharing.

Ahmed Afzaal

Ahmed is an associate professor in the Religion department at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, where he teaches courses on Abrahamic traditions, religion’s relationship with political economy, and violence & nonviolence. He holds a PhD in “Religion & Society” from Drew University in Madison, NJ, with a focus on the sociology of religion. Ahmed has a wide range of interests, and is is passionate about life-long learning, values-based action, and meaningful collaboration for the greater good. He is a certified Prosocial facilitator.

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