Organizational Consulting

The first step in developing a sustainable equity plan for your employees and customers is to build your own organization’s internal capacity to support this work.

Building capacity involves organization-wide programming that helps create leaders who know that, while they are not responsible for the current inequities in our world, these inequities are the intended outcomes of our socio-economic systems.

What we are responsible for is divesting our individual and collective investments in these systems of oppression.

Support Modules

I customize services to meet the specific learning objectives and strategic goals of my clients.
Use the below sample offerings as a starting point to design your support needs.


Ad hoc Consulting

Need some quick advice on something you’re working on? Or want to have easy access to reliable advising? You can get access to my thoughts and advice ranging from a few hours to a low-touch retainer relationship.

Climate Surveys & Data Analysis

Lean on an equity and inclusion expert to help build, organize, and/or analyze qualitative and quantitative data related to equity, inclusion, justice, and exclusion at your organization. 

Workshops & Intensives

Empower your organization and teams to shift culture through personal awareness and behavior changes through professional development workshops and intensives on DEIAB* topics.

Systems & Process Reviews

Racism and other systems of exclusion are pervasive and entrenched in our everyday practices. I can assist your team and organization review processes and policies to help identify and modify current ways of being that are producing inequitable outcomes. 

Bias Incident Facilitation

When a bias incident occurs at an organization, and there is a desire to make things as right as possible, I help facilitate case management from start to finish, using an anti-racist, anti-oppression Restorative Justice process.

RP/RJ Strategic Plan Design

When an institution is ready to implement a Restorative Practices and/or Restorative Justice program, I assist their task force or interest group through their strategic design planning process as well as the training of their RJ facilitators.

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