Life is hard, but your attitude can make a huge difference in how you are most likely to experience its many ups and downs. You can choose an unhelpful attitude, which will add a layer of avoidable suffering on top of your hardships; but you can also choose a helpful attitude, one that will turn those hardships into the sort of challenges that make life exciting and meaningful—and therefore worth living. Some people are able to make this attitudinal shift on their own; others may benefit from a good life-coach.

We all need the serenity to accept the fact that life is hard, for it’s one of those things that cannot be changed. At the same time, there are many other things—things about ourselves, our surroundings, our world—that we can change, provided we can muster enough courage and commitment to act in accordance with our values. Sometimes the wisest option is surrender; at other times, it is a firm commitment to unceasing effort. There are no easy answers, though a good life-coach can provide some of the support you need to face the difficult questions that life may be throwing at you.

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