Inclusive Leadership Assessment

Hungry for systemic change? Eager to move beyond good intentions and truly embody inclusive leadership, in real time?

The journey of becoming an effective & inclusive leader, who is finely attuned to the needs of ALLespecially the most marginalized
starts with the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment.

The IDI assessment will give you the insights and clarity you need to develop practical and sustainable leadership skills.

Ready for transformative leadership growth that is truly actionable? 

Most leaders are exposed to inclusive leadership insights through books and trainings and fact what is called a “knowing-doing” gap. 

It is disheartening and frustrating when extensive reading and training fails to propel you into meaningful action. 

The first step in bridging this gap is to gain an accurate sense of current skillsets as well as our social conditioning around differences…and THEN design a plan that will propel towards effective and transformative growth. 

The good news is that this is actually achievable!

Once the IDI gives us insights into your baseline competence, I’ll partner with you as your IDI Inclusion Coach to design a highly personalized development plan to maximize your investment in your growth. 

Insights & awareness of your social conditioning 

No wasted time. Fast track
your development! 

Operationalize your leadership with strategies and tools

This assessment package includes:

  • 30-minute strategy session to personalize the work for your needs
  • 20-minute online IDI assessment 
  • Detailed report of your results
  • Intercultural Development Continuum framework video
  • Intensive Consultation Debrief: A 90-minute session to review your results, identify your orientation, and chart your development plan
  • Follow-up check-in to help you stay focused on your progress
Your investment: $1000

Why take the IDI assessment?

Assessments are like reflections. They give us insights that are hard to see without a “mirror”.

The IDI gives you nuanced understanding of your intercultural competence–fthe complexity which you experience difference, measured on a developmental scale.

Knowing your IDI orientation, you’ll know exactly where you experience challenges. You’ll spend less time on discovery and more time fast tracking your inclusion journey with a targeted growth plan.

IDI insights empower leaders to move beyond surface-level awareness, providing actionable insights to navigate diverse environments with precision, foster genuine connections, and promote cultures that transcend difference.

The Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) assessment is a widely-used and effective cross-culturally validated assessment for building cultural competence.

Defined as the capability to shift cultural perspective to adapt and bridge across differences as well as commonalities, IDI measures this competence on a continuum framework ranging from monocultural to intercultural mindsets.

The assessment acts as a mirror and helps you see the gap between your perception of how you respond to difference as well as your actual ability.

Once you understand the five stages of mindset development on the Intercultural Development Continuum, you’ll be able to advance your growth as a leader who knows HOW to operationalize belonging.

As a developmental tool, you’ll also receive a template for your personal development plan to design your personal and tangible plan for progress.

“If leaders lack understanding of the problem,
they can’t design effective solutions.”

~ Boston Consulting Group

Your Guide & Coach...

Hi! I’m Amena Chaudhry, a DEI+ Strategist and Coach. 

I’m a 2nd-generation Punjabi, Muslim, immigrant and bi-continental citizen. I’ve spent my formative years between Pakistan and Canada and currently reside in the US. 

The experience of being raised at the intersections of multiple cultures,
languages, religions, and worldviews has played a pivotal role in building my muscles for transformative discomfort. Growing up a misfit on both continents, I’ve chased belonging my entire life, yearning to seen, heard, valued in systems that were not built with me in mind. 

I now work with courageous leaders like YOU to build practical
knowledge and skill resources so that you can access and activate your courage and compassion to create cultures where belonging is the norm! 

I’m a mother of 3 beautiful kitties and a 25-year old adult. I absolutely LOVE  gardening (addicted to growing garlic, actually) and enjoy long walks in the woods. 

The IDI Assessment is excellent for teams and organizations as well. Individuals can keep their assessment results confidential while teams can received a group profile to align their collective development plans with organizational needs. 

Client Testimonials

Engaging in the IDI with Amena was an invaluable experience. Her exceptional ability to listen and understand human behavior made the process comfortable.

I initially approached assessments with skepticism, but the IDI's solid foundation in data and thoughtful design not only alleviated my concerns but also provided insights that have already positively impacted my relationships and will continue to guide my growth in understanding and connecting with diverse cultures."
Kay Coughlin
Business Coach
“Amena's workshop was probably the most effective and valuable adult learning experience I've had.

I can't think of a single seminar, conference, or class I've taken since leaving college that can top it.

Amena dived right inthere was no fluff, not a second of wasted time. Just 4 hours of eye-opening insights that included the how and why we live in a culture of inequitable systems.  
I came away with actionable to-dos to help start engaging in self-reflection and preparation that are prerequisites for becoming an effective leader and ally.”
Lawri Williamson
Senior Advisor, Chief of Staff
“The IDI is an indispensable tool for anyone in a leadership role. As a firm believer in the importance of inclusive spaces where every identity is valued, I was elated to discover a data-driven tool that could unveil my societally conditioned blind spots.

It is challenging to improve when there is a gap between perceived competence and actual competence. Thanks to the insights from
this assessment coupled with Amena's compassionate support, I feel more confident in my growth steps
and more competent in my ability to embody the kind of leaderand humanI aspire to be. ”
Valerie Friedlander
Life, Business & Life Coach

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